About Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings

Arnold Air Society (AAS) & Silver Wings (SW) are national sister organizations, working together to develop future leaders through community service, professional development, and education about our national defense.

The Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary, service organization advocating the support of aerospace power. The focus of the Arnold Air Society mission is to build strong officers for the United States Air Force.

Silver Wings is a national, co-ed, professional organization dedicated to creating proactive, knowledgeable, and effective civic leaders through community service and education about national defense.

Virginia State's support for the Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings

Virginia State is proud to support the AAS Chapters and Silver Wings Squadrons, as well as Region II's Conclave. The photos on this page are from the 2021 conclave, held in Richmond, VA. Over 120 AAS Cadets and SW members were in attendance. Representing AFA was Bruce "Orville" Wright (President), Dick Bundy (Member and member of AAS/SW Board of Trustees), Linda McMahon (VA State President), Brian McMahon (VA VP for Awards and Recognition). Marianne Williams is a member of AAS/SW's Executive Management Center.