Mike Maxwell, Executive Vice President (EVP) for Aerospace Education (AE) for the D.W. Steele Chapter 239 and Linda McMahon, Virginia State President, presented Mrs. Melissa Pore their respective Teacher of the Year (TOY) Awards at the Bishop O'Connell High School in Arlington, VA, May 17, 2022.

The TOY Award honors dedicated exemplary K-12 educators.  All Virginia chapters have an opportunity to submit their TOY winner to compete at the state level.  The Virginia State will nominate Melissa Pore to AFA National to compete for 2022 Air and Space Forces Association (AFA) National TOY.

In 2021, Megan Tucker from Virginia, was selected as the National TOY.  Mrs. Melissa Pore will compete for the 2022 National TOY.

Here is an article posted to the Bishop O'Connell HS website gives insight into why she is the VA State and D.W. Steele Chapter’s Teacher of the Year.


Melissa Poke & Her Husband

David and Melissa Pore

DWSteele EVP Presents Chapter TOY Award

Mike Maxwell presents the D.W. Steele Chapter's TOY Award

VA State President Presents VA TOY Award

Linda McMahon presents the Virginia State TOY Award

Melissa Receives AFA State Challenge Coin

Melissa Pore receives the Virginia State Challenge Coin

Melissa Pore & some Students

Some of Melissa Pore's students. 

AFA, TOY Award Winners, Bishop O'Connell HS Staff

L-R: Mike Maxwell - EVP AE for D.W. Steele Chapter, Linda McMahon - President VA State, Megan Tucker - 2021 AFA National TOY, Melissa Pore, Sister Catherine Hill of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Dr. Joseph Vorbach - Diocese of Arlington Superintendent of Schools, Frank Roque - Bishop O'Connell High School Principal