Virginia Civil Air Patrol

The Civil Air Patrol is a vital force that protects Americans in need by responding to disaster, preserves the values that make our country great by developing young leaders and ensures our country’s preeminence in Aerospace and Cyberspace Education.  

With just over 2000 members in 22 squadrons across the state, the Virginia Wing of Civil Air Patrol uses its 29 vehicles and 12 single engine aircraft to serve the local community. In 2019, we participated in 8 Search and Rescue missions (with 8 finds), 23 air defense intercept training and evaluation missions, 11 AFROTC & AFJROTC cadet orientation flight missions, and more.  Our pilots flew over 2176 hours in training time and service to the community. Nationally, it is estimated that Civil Air Patrol volunteer hours are valued at over $167 million as we perform missions for America.